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Anakin Skywalker, Auror

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Anakin Skywalker

Biographical information

Home: Wizarding World

Born: 1983

Physical description

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 1.35 meters (child) 1.53 meters (teenager) 1.85 meters (adult)[4]

Hair color: Blond (child); Dark blond (adult)

Eye color: Blue

Cybernetics: Cybernetic right arm (as Anakin)

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Rise of the Dark Lord (Voldemort's seize over the Ministry of Magic)

Affiliation: Ministy of Magic( before Voldemort's seize over the Ministry)

Auror Office

Early Life

Anakin went to Hogwarts when he was eleven. When he was tweleve, a man named Yaxley killed his father. He always wanted revenge on him.

After Hogwarts

After Hogwarts, Anakin became an auror in the Ministry of Magic. Anakin joined the Order of the Phoenix during the Second Wizarding War.

Harry's Fifth Year

The summer before Harry's fifth year, he joined the Advanced Guard to retrieve Harry and Zoey Potter. Zoey developed a

crush on Anakin, but he didn't feel the same way. He became friends with Harry and Zoey, along with members of the Order.

At the end of Harry and Zoey's fifth year, He and the Order fought Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries. He

fought two Death Eaters and defeated both of them. He was with the Order to confront Harry and Zoey's Aunt and Uncle.

Anakin skywalker-1

Anakin Skywalker in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Harry's Seventh Year

Anakin attended the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour shortly afterwards, and bravely defended the Burrow when

it came under attack as Voldemort took over the Ministry.

Battle of Hogwarts

Anakin was one of the many Order members who answered Neville Longbottom's call to arms on 2 May, 2011, when Harry and

his friends returned to Hogwarts and Lord Voldemort gathered his army to attack the school. Anakin engages Yaxley in an

epic duel, which ends when Anakin kills Yaxley.


Anakin fighting Yaxley on a lava river