Harry James Potter

Biographical information Born: 31 July, 1980 Godric's Hollow[1]

Blood status: Half-blood

Also known as: The Boy Who Lived [2] The Boy Who Lies [3] Undesirable No. 1 [4] Gregory Goyle[5] The Chosen One [6] Bartholomew Mashingspoon[7] Barny Weasley[8] Barry Weasley[9] Vernon Dudley[10] Albert Runcorn[11] Bloody Baron[12] Neville Longbottom[13] Roonil Wazlib[14] Mr. Perkins[15] (by Professor Binns) Scarhead[16] Potty[17] 'Arry Potter (by Fleur Delacour and Stan Shunpike)

Title(s): Triwizard Champion Gryffindor Quidditch Captain Seeker Leader of Dumbledore's Army Auror Head of the Auror Office Master of Death S.P.E.W Secretary

Physical information: Species: Human

Gender: Male

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Green

Skin colour: Light

Family information Family members: Ignotus Peverell (paternal ancestor) † James Potter I (father) † Lily Potter née Evans (mother) † Ginny Potter née Weasley (wife) James Potter II (son) Albus Potter (son) Lily Potter (daughter) Mr. Potter (paternal grandfather) † Mrs. Potter (paternal grandmother) † Mr. Evans (maternal grandfather) † Mrs. Evans (maternal grandmother) † Arthur Weasley (father-in-law) Molly Weasley (mother-in-law) Ron Weasley (brother-in-law) Hermione Weasley née Granger (sister-in-law) Rose Weasley (niece) Hugo Weasley (nephew) Fred Weasley (brother-in-law) † George Weasley (brother-in-law) Angelina Weasley née Johnson (sister-in-law) Fred Weasley II (nephew) Roxanne Weasley (niece) Bill Weasley (brother-in-law) Fleur Weasley née Delacour (sister-in-law) Victoire Weasley (niece) Dominique Weasley (niece) Louis Weasley (nephew) Charlie Weasley (brother-in-law) Percy Weasley (brother-in-law) Audrey Weasley (sister-in-law) Molly Weasley II (niece) Lucy Weasley (niece) Petunia Dursley née Evans (maternal aunt) Vernon Dursley (maternal uncle by marriage) Dudley Dursley (maternal first cousin) Mrs. Dursley (cousin-in-law) Dudley's children (second cousins) Marvolo Gaunt (distant cousin) † Morfin Gaunt (distant cousin) † Merope Gaunt (distant cousin) † Tom Marvolo Riddle (distant cousin) † Black family (by marriage and possibly by blood)

Magical characteristics Boggart: Dementor

Wand: Holly, eleven inches, phoenix feather Hawthorn, ten inches, unicorn hair (temporarily) Elder, fifteen inches, Thestral hair (temporarily) Blackthorn wand (temporarily)

Patronus: Stag

Affiliation Occupation: Head of the Auror Office

House: Gryffindor

Loyalty: Potter family Evans family Dursley family Weasley family Prewett family Peverell family Dumbledore's Army Order of the Phoenix Ministry of Magic Auror office Slug Club Gryffindor Quidditch team Gryffindor Hogwarts S.P.E.W.

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